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Crystallization & Solids Processing


With recent advances in chemistry and biochemistry, the chemical process industry faces the new challenges of producing high molecular weight chemicals, which are normally recovered as solids via crystallization. It is well known that solids processes are often plagued by all kinds of problems. On the other hand, increasing market pressure calls for higher productivity and constant improvements in existing processes.

CWB Tech Can Help

CWB Tech can help you with various crystallization and solids processing problems you may be facing, such as:

  • Poor overall yield in the crystallization process,
  • Expensive downstream purification due to high impurity content in the solids,
  • Crystallization of undesirable polymorphic form,
  • Difficult crystal separation in the filter,
  • Excessive use of washing liquid to meet product specification,
  • Unsuccessful separation of chiral compounds,
  • Low yield or poor product quality in a reactive crystallization process.

We Offer Fundamental Yet Practical Solutions

We offer fundamental yet practical solutions to your problems, including:

  • Explanation of what you observe in the lab or plant based on solid-liquid equilibrium (SLE) behavior of the system.
  • Identification of bottlenecks and potential improvements for your existing crystallization and/or solids handling process.
  • Feasible process alternatives to your existing process, which may be more advantageous from the economic and/or operational point of view.
  • Conceptual design of next generation crystallization-based separation processes based on first principles.

Benefits of Working with CWB Tech

You can expect the following benefits when you choose to work with CWB Tech on your projects:

  • We look at the underlying physical phenomena behind the problem to systematically identify and address the key issues. These include SLE phase behavior, reaction and crystallization kinetics, impurity incorporation mechanisms, and heat and mass transfer.
  • We begin with conceptual design and shortcut calculations, which allow quick identification of important areas on which experimental effort should be focused.
  • Our workflow integrates synthesis, modeling, and experimental efforts, leading to minimum number of experiments and shorter development time.

Contact us about your crystallization and solids processing problems. We will help you to solve them with minimum time, effort, and money.

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