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Fine Chemicals


Fine chemicals are high-value, yet technologically challenging to develop and produce products. The fine chemicals area has two persistent needs for improvement through technology:

  • Time to market is critical, especially for products produced on-demand in constantly changing markets.
  • Product quality factors are of ultimate importance even though quantification of these factors may be difficult.

CWB Tech can work with you in the following areas:

  • Conceptualization and Dominant Factor Identification
    • Objective: Determine what "handles" you can use to manipulate the desired variable. Determine which of the feasible processes is most likely the economic winner.
    • Value Added: A well thought-out and optimized manufacturing process.
  • MOPD (Multi-Objective Process Development)
    • Objective: Achieve your process development objective with minimum time and cost.
    • Value Added: Lower R&D costs.
  • Reaction Engineering/Scale up
    • Objective: Design the best (multiphase) reactor combining experimental work, synthesis, analysis, and scale-up. Validate that the results are consistent with the proposed reaction scheme.
    • Value Added: Better reactor and reactive separations performance.
  • Separation Process Synthesis
    • Objective: Generate the best separation alternative.
    • Value Added: Lower solvent recovery cost, Higher product purity and yield.
  • Crystallization & Solids Process Optimization
    • Objective: Design, optimize, or troubleshoot the crystallization for product purity, recovery, or solids processing operation.
    • Value Added: Produce the right polymorph, Require fewer recrystallizations, Lose less raw material.
  • Software: SLEEK, Solid-Liquid Equilibrium Engineering Kit
    • Objective: Software toolkit from CWB Tech for crystallization.
    • Value Added: Better understanding and better design of crystallization processes.

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