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Short Courses

Short Courses


Public Courses

We regularly offer public training courses in various topics of interest, particularly in the field of process development. In the interest of maintaining effective communication and interactions, attendance in each class is limited to a small group. Participants would have the opportunity to practice the knowledge acquired in the lectures during hands-on workshops throughout the course. Information on recent and upcoming short courses is given below.

Our courses are designed to make your learning experience interesting and informative. All courses feature:

  • Knowledgeable instructors
  • Excellent instruction methods
  • Well-prepared handouts and course notes
  • Industrially relevant examples
  • Hands-on workshops where applicable

Feedback from past courses has been heartening. This is what some recent attendees had to say about our short courses.

Short course on crystallization:
"...This course gave a good overview of how SLE applies to crystallization processes."
"...The one-on-one interaction proved very helpful. In addition, the total content covered is highly applicable to the goal I have for this year."
"...Very good course, lots of details and relevance to industrial problems."

Short course on reactor synthesis and development:
"It was good for me as a chemist, to learn the philosophy of reactor development."
"...comparison of reactors, and reactor modelling issues were very useful."
"...handling of scale-up issues was in depth and relevant."

Short course on process development:
"Very good holistic approach to process development."
"Concept of the onion layer diagram was very important..."

Private Courses

We also offer in-house training courses, which can be suited to meet your specific needs. Since these are conducted in a closed environment with only your own group in attendance, we can discuss examples related to actual problems you are facing. The materials will be delivered through lectures and hands-on workshops to enhance your understanding.
This is what one of our clients had to say about our private course on crystallization at their site:

"...The lectures and workshops were very informative and helped us to understand more about synthesis and development of crystallization processes using SLE phase diagrams."


Further Information

For those who are interested in a short course from CWB Tech, please contact our Short Course Administrator at shortcourse(at) 

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