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Short Courses

Short Courses: Reactor Synthesis and Development


Who should attend?

  • Chemists and engineers from the chemicals, pharmaceuticals and polymer industries involved in the chemistry, design, development, scale-up or production of new or existing reaction processes.
  • Managers interested in introducing the latest reactor synthesis and development methodologies in your group.

What can you expect to learn?

  • Critical things you need to know about your reaction system.
  • Workflow for reactor synthesis and development.
  • Effective use of experimental kinetic data in reactor synthesis.
  • Synthesis of single, multiphase, and polymer reactors.
  • Mixing and scale-up issues in homogeneous and multiphase reactors.
  • How to choose and build a good reactor model.
  • Interaction of the reactor with the rest of the process.

Course Abstract

The reactor or reaction system can be considered central to most chemical process. The reactor choice and design affects the process performance and cost in a fundamental way. However, for new as well as existing process, reactor synthesis is hampered by many uncertainties, ranging from unclear chemistry, to inadequate information on potential heat/mass transfer limitations or the proper reactor choice.

In this short course we will present CWB Tech’s industrially proven approach to reactor synthesis and development. The systematic methodology guides the entire reactor development program – starting from analysis of raw chemistry data produced in the lab/ bench unit; to screening reactor alternatives and synthesizing the best reactor type; to the design, analysis and optimization of the chosen reactor; all the way to the development and scale-up leading to the commercial reactor.

The focus will be on homogeneous as well as multiphase reactor design and development. The detailed issues at each stage of the methodology will be discussed and illustrated with numerous industrially relevant examples.


Dr. Vaibhav V. Kelkar is principal engineer at CWB Technology. He is currently involved in various consulting projects on the development of reactors and reaction systems, as well as the overall process in chemical plants. He has years of experience in the research and practice of reaction engineering and multiphase reactors, and has co-authored many papers on these topics.
Dr. Lionel O’Young is president and co-founder of CWBTech. He was vice president of MCRIC, a research and process development unit of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation in the United States. He has over 15 years of experience in process synthesis and development, which covers petrochemical, fine chemical, and pharmaceutical processes. He holds several patents for various petrochemical processes.


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